Turning: Torochoidal Turning operation

  • iMachining-style torochoidal moves of round grooving tool in turning

Turning: Use all milling tools in turning drilling

  • Possibility to use Milling tools in Turning Drilling operation 

Turning: Offset types in face turning

  • Output offset value in Face turning cycle

Turning: Negative X output

  • Possibility to get (-X) cutting toolpath with start/end points in (+X)

Turning: Non-descending motion on face surfaces also

  • Option to avoid penetration to slots on face surfaces also

Turning: Auto Lead in/out cancelled

  • In previous versions, an additional movement before Lead in/out was added automatically. In this version they are not added; user defines lead-in and lead-out

Turning: Lead in/out Used in rough turning also

  • In previous versions, we had only an automatic lead in/out for roughing
  • Now the automatic lead in/out is cancelled and manual lead in/out, if defined,will be applied to Rough toolpath also

Turning: Split long lines of turning toolpath

  • Split long lines of turning toolpath to short lines, according to the distance defined