Transform: Matrix without original operation

  • Possibility to make Matrix witout original operation toolpath
  • Useful for postponed transformed operations

Transform: Matrix sorting options

  • Additional Sorting options in Matrix transformation

Transform: Marking of sorting types affected by optimization

  • If Optimization of operation loops is turned on in *.VMID, the sorting types which will be affected by optimization, are marked by green color

Transform: Optimize Matrix Sorting in 4x transformation

  • If "optimize Matrix sorting" is checked – movements between 4th axis positions are done to minimize tool movements

Transform: Clearance radius for movements between 4th axis positions

  • Use Tool Z level from MACx-posN for movements between planes in Transformation around 4x

Transform: Access to transform from operation

  • Possibility to open Transform dialog straight from the Operation dialog

Transformation of operations from one CoordSys to another

  • Coordsys where operations should be copied to , should contain only 1 position (other positions will be created automatically )
  • Useful for Tombstone operations as it enables the simple transfer of an operation to any Coordinate system, created on any face of the Tombstone.