Parallel calculation in iMachining

  • Speeding up iMachining calculation by using multi cores & multi threading for parallel calculation

iDatabase Material: Machinability factor

  • Increase/Decrease Cutting Conditions, based on Machinability of specific material

iMachining: Constant chip thickness control for arcs

  • Controls the feed correction for arcs
  • Value of 0 means no feed rate correction, resulting in faster cutting and higher tool wear
  • Value of 100 means complete correction, slower cutting but less tool wear

iMachining 3D: Constant Step up

  • iMachining 3D option: Constant Set up (as alternative to Scallop)

iMachining 3D: Prismatic parts machining technology

  • iMachining 3D technology for Prismatic Part Machining with automatic scallop calculation

iMachining 3D: Floor offset

  • Enables you to define a Floor offset that is separate from the Wall offset

Show Cutting angle in simulation of iMachining

  • Showing the cutting angle in iMachining simulation