HSR/HSM: Major Speeding up of updated stock calculation

  • Choose in Settings option of speeding up Updated stock calculation, if all previous operations are HSR/HSM
  • Saving on average 40% in updated stock calculation time

HSR/HSM: Selection of non-calculated operations for updated stock

  • Even if previous operations are not calculated, it‘s possible to select them for further updated stock calculation in HSR Rest Roughing

HSR/HSM: Use updated Stock for linking

  • Links the passes using dynamic stock(updated stock), instead of static stock (the initial stock), resulting in a very efficient toolpath

HSM: Ramping options added to Constant-Z machining

  • Ramping options, added to HSM Constant Z machining, similar to HSR operations, are useful to increase tool life, when finishing is done immediately after roughing

HSR/HSM: Link by area added to HM Roughing

  • Pockets are machined independently, but within a pocket, strict Z level ordering is enforced