Templates: Default templates for 2.5D Mill operations

  • Default templates are set in InventorCAM settings > when new operation is created these templates are used
  • Useful for example to have a default starting Tool

Quick Start settings - Skip “New CAM-part” dialog

  • Options in SolidCAM settings to skip the first New CAM-part dialog with default values
  • Enables the user to start directly adding operations in a new Part

Feed units: mm/rev or mm/min by default

  • Define default feed type for new CAM-parts in InventorCAM settings

CAM tree: Advanced sorting of operations

  • Possibility to sort operations in CAM-tree by tool number and tool properties (Diameter, Tool Type)

CAM-tree: Show Tool Offset numbers

  • Show Tool Offset numbers in CAM-tree

Operations: Additional parameters to INFO dialog

  • Show Cutting depth information and Additional tool data in Info dialog

Operations: Description of parameters in GUI

  • Description of user-defined parameters is now visible inside the operation

Generate G-code per operation

  • Generate separate file of G-code per each operation

Use split name as G-code file name

  • Use name of Split as name of G-code file

Stock: Take target model dimensions by default

  • When Stock definition mode is set to Absolute Coordinates – dimensions of Target model will be taken automatically

High precision of box for CoordSys definition (facetting)

  • "High precision" for box (facetting) set to ON always during CoordSys definition

Rotate model to isometric in CoordSys manager

  • Rotate model to isometric view when clicking on CoordSys in CoordSys manager

Defaults through Settings for Feed Link, Lead in, Lead out

  • Possibility to define defaults through Settings for Feed Link, Lead In and Lead Out

MCO: Faster action definition

  • Double click on the item in the „Action on...“ list automatically adds this item to the Process list.

Machine ID: Change language of VMID

  • Possibility to show MachineID editor fields in any language, independent from main installation language