InventorCAM’s AHRM module is designed to automatically:

  • Classify Shapes and Groups of Holes
  • Convert to Machinable Features
  • Select and/or Create All Required Tools
  • Build Machining Technologies
  • Generate Machining Operations
  • Support all Work Position Orientations

AHRM review – Process steps

AHRM review - Step 1: Recognize Holes

Step 1: Recognize Holes (Shapes & Groups)

AHRM review - Step 2: Machinable segments

Step 2: Convert Holes to Machinable Segments

  • The Machinable Hole Feature consists of one or more Machinable Hole Feature segments that can be machined in one operation with the same tool.

AHRM review - Step 3: Feature Sets

Step 3: Distribute Machinable segments to Feature sets

  • Feature Set is a number of Machinable segments that will be machined within the same setup using one Coordinate System.

AHRM review - Step 4: Technology Database Solution

Step 4: Choose technological solution for Machinable Segments from Technology Data base

AHRM review - Step 5: Machining Operations

Step 5: Generate all machining operations

AHRM New: Limitless number of DataBase configurations

The user can:

  • Define as many DataBases as he wants
  • Select any of them for the process
  • Edit the “Part DataBase ” Independently
  • Save active DataBase As a NEW one

AHRM New: Machinable feature parameters (mf_xxx)

  • Parameters of machinable features are now available with prefix “mf_”, describing all needed dimensions of a machinable feature (which is not always equal to the hole segment)

AHRM New: Conditional Logic Support

  • Apply different values to parameters, according to user-defined condition in the Machining Process of the AHRM (e.g. Enables Spot drills to be chosen according to hole size)