Feed Control

  • New Feed Control tab added
  • Feed Control enables the user to reduce/ increase cutting feed inside & outside defined volumes

Toolpath parameters: Synchronize points

  • Surface quality tab: New option of Synchronize points added
  • Option is available when the Distance check box is ON
  • The Synchronize points option enables you to equalize the spacing and number of points on all contours, thus getting better surface quality

Sim 5x: Advanced mode button

  • Only most used options are open in the standard interface, making it easier for customers
  • Advanced button opens additional control options, needed by advanced users

Sim5X - Tool axis control: Always closest to surface

  • In Tool axis direction/Tilted through lines: New option of  Always closest to surface is added in the Use tilt through
  • This option enables you to tilt the tool as defined in the Tilt lines section, maintaining always the tool at closest distance to the surface, avoiding sudden tilting
  • This option maintains the tilt by using the tilt lines that are at the closest distance to the surface.

Sim5X - Tool axis control: Tilted relative to contact point

  • In Tool axis direction: New option of Tilted relative to contact point is added
  • This option is similar to “Tilted Relative to Cutting Direction”, however in this option instead of cutting direction, the tool tilting will be relative to the contact point of the tool with the surface.

New operation: Multi-axis Roughing

  • New Multiaxis Roughing operation is added for Roughing of parts, that need multiple setup if done in 3X.

New operation: Multi-Axis Roughing

  • This operation creates a multiaxis tool path that can be used to rough out pocket shaped geometries in full 5 Axis
  • The user has to specify the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces and the system automatically creates the roughing tool path
  • Adaptive roughing feature also available.

Contour 5x machining: Enforce cutting direction

  • Direction is set according to direction of machining, ignoring the selected chain  direction

Contour 5x Machining: Tilt away from line

  • Tilt away from line defines the side tilt of the tool relative to the contour

Multiblade Machining: Machine angle limits – Min & Max

  • Machine angle limit is now controlled by two parameters: minimum and maximum angle, rather than by only one limit angle in older versions, giving much better control of angles in CNC machines that have less swivel

Multiblade Machining: Entry & Exit Safety distance

  • Safety distance is divided into two fields: Entry & Exit safety distance, providing better control

Multiblade Machining: Additional Clearance type - Conical

  • A new Tool Clearance type, Conical, is added to enable cutting more material and working deeper, while avoiding gouging

Multiblade Machining: Levels section

  • Levels page: New Levels section is added to enable entry and exit safety distance.

Multiblade Machining: Tool Axis Control Limits

  • Tool axis control page: Limits section has enhancements.

Multiblade Machining: Plunge arc for link between slices or layers

  • Option to use a plunge arc, while performing link between slices or layers, in order to provide gradual entry into the material
  • Enables you to specify the diameter of the approach & retreat arc, using the ratio of the Arc diameter to the Tool diameter

Multiblade Machining: GUI Improvements

  • Tool path parameters page/Technology/ Options of Rest material, First slice, and Area are available only when the Advanced check box is selected.

Multiblade Machining: GUI Improvements

  • Roughing and More is renamed as Stock and Transformation.

Port Machining: Additional Clearance type - Conical

  • A new Tool Clearance type, Conical, is added to enable cutting more material and working deeper, while avoiding gouging

Port Machining: Tool axis control page

  • Tool axis control page added in order to provide smoother tool tilting during cutting

Port Machining: Tool Axis Control - Minimize Tilting

  • Tool axis control: Minimize tilting is added
  • This option improves tool tilting by minimizing angle changes and keeping machine tilt motions to minimum

SWARF Machining: Surface normal defines machining side

  • Side of machining is determined according to the surface normal, simplifying the determination of the machining side when machining multiple surfaces

SWARF Machining: New Avoid gouge strategy and new Layout for gouge page

  • New Avoid Gouge strategy, Avoid by Retracting, enables the user to avoid obstacles by retracting the tool
  • New simplified layout for gouge page

SWARF Machining: Feed control

  • More flexible control over cutting and retract speeds
  • Possibility to replace Rapid movements by G1 moves

SWARF Machining: Adding extensions to toolpath

  • New option to add extensions to the tool path, to avoid direct entry into the material, thereby increasing tool life

SWARF Machining: Degouging strategy

  • New options to avoid gouges with drive surface

SWARF Machining: Rotate & Translate

  • Rotate & Translate option is available for SWARF operation also

SWARF/MultiBlade/Port/MultiAxis Roughing: Custom triangulation

  • Provide more control over surface triangulation
  • Custom triangulation check box = OFF, SolidCAM uses the native CAD triangulation method
  • Custom triangulation check box = ON, 5-Axis triangulation method is used to define the Triangulation tolerance and Max. edge length.

Multi-axis Drilling: Use Cycle option

  • The Multiaxis Drilling Technology page has a new option: Use cycle
  • When this check box is ON, the generated G-code uses canned drill cycles, if CNC machine enables it
  • If this check box is OFF, the output is in the form of linear movements.

Convert HSM to Sim 5-Axis Milling: Autotilt

  • New Technology of Autotilt is added
  • This option enables the conversion of a 3-axis input tool path into a full automatic collision-checked 5-axis tool path
  • The main aim is to take the 3-axis tool path and use it with a much shorter tool
  • The automatic tilting now does compensate the holder with the geometry and tilts it away

Convert HSM to Sim 5-Axis Milling: Autotilt continued

  • Tool axis control page has new options when Autotilt is selected as Technology.

Convert HSM to Sim 5-Axis Milling: Autotilt - Workpiece Clearance

  • Source operation page has the new option of Workpiece clearance
  • The Workpiece clearance option enables you to set a value by which the tool clears the workpiece when moving between two positions
  • Note: This option is available only with the Autotilt technology.

Roughing and More Page: Trim only full contours

  • Stock definition: New option of Trim only full contours is added
  • Enables you to keep the cuts that are partially within the stock and remove the cuts which are completely outside the stock - enabling much smoother cuts and less jumps.

GUI Changes - Geometry Page

  • 2D Boundary curves content is placed inside Geometry page.

GUI Changes - Levels Page

  • Parameters divided into two tabs: Regular (most used) and Advanced.

GUI Changes - Toolpath parameters Page

  • New Modify tab is added
  • Round corners, Extend/Trim, and Angle range moved to this page from Geometry page since they are related to toolpath
  • Modify tab is available only when the Advanced check box is ON.

Gouge check Page: Smooth Retracts

  • Strategy: Retract along tool axis/ Advanced: New option of Smooth retracts is added
  • The Smooth retracts check box enables you to smooth the transition from the collision free area to the tool retraction area by avoiding sudden axis jumps
  • The Smooth distance field determines the start distance of the smoothing to the collision area

Gouge check Page: Renaming of strategies

Gouge check Clearance data Page

  • Remaining collisions section is updated – one option removed.