Face milling: Vertical ramping option

  • New option “Vertical“ for Ramping options in Face milling operation

Face milling: Cutting direction optimization

  • For long geometries that require one way face milling – there is option to skip long non-cutting tool moves

Face milling: Shifting from center

  • Shift the single cutting pass by applying % of tool diameter

2.5D Mill: Mark by icon changes of geometry offsets

  • If in an operation, modification of geometry was applied – an icon indicating a change occured appears near Geometry button.

Profile: Helical movement improvement

  • Different start positions: From top to bottom, From bottom to top
  • Optional flat  circular movement at the bottom of helical cut

Profile: Lead in/out on each pass of Clear offset

  • Use lead in/out on each cut of Clear offset strategy

Pocket: Variable depth

  • Define depth of pocket per chain => possibility to machine pockets with same start level but different depths, in same operation

Pocket: Several wall finish passes

  • Several finish passes at the same place in Pocket operation