InventorCAM at Autodesk One Team Conference (OTC) 2012, in Las Vegas!

We are excited to be part of the annual Autodesk One Team Conference (OTC) 2012 and would like to invite all attendees to see InventorCAM at the networking Center for Autodesk partners at OTC.

InventorCAM has been chosen by Autodesk to be one of 20 partners participating at the OTC event. Don't miss this opportunity to personally meet and discuss a cooperative business relationship to grow your business with InventorCAM.

Come and experience seamlessly integrated CAM in Inventor, from the Leaders in Integrated CAM, at our station in the networking center on Monday, March 12th, 5:30pm to 8:00pm  and on Tuesday, March 13th, 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

We will be presenting InventorCAM's latest revolutionary iMachining technology which saves up to 70% in CNC machining time and extends tools' life dramatically. All InventorCAM customers worldwide, who bought iMachining, are enjoying these immense savings!

InventorCAM has a mutually successful working relationship with many Autodesk Inventor resellers worldwide, selling the combined Inventor+InventorCAM CAD/CAM solution.

With our latest Inventor LT integration, very competitive integrated Inventor LT + InventorCAM Xpress or Inventor + InventorCAM solutions are available to your customers.

We look forward to meet our existing and potential Autodesk partners at OTC!