Cooperation with major milling tool producer Guhring on iMachining

...Guhring has created a special line of tools for iMachining

SolidCAM has excellent cooperation with German milling tool producer, Guhring ( They are  a major milling tool producer, active worldwide..

Guhring started cooperation with SolidCAM GmbH few years already and they appreciate the great value of iMachining for their tools (see Guhring video, with iMachining toolpath):


Guhring has created a special line of tools for iMachining..

In Guhring's latest 2014 catalogue, they specifically include explanations on SolidCAM iMachining and also they recommend iMachining parameters for their tools..

In addition to Germany, we are expanding our cooperation with Guhring in the US, Czech republic, Singapore.. We do joint seminars with them in many locations..