iMachining Success at important Aircraft parts company

Show them iMachining live on their machine - cut one big Titanium part - result was really good. They make parts for Civilian & Military Aircraft, Space Rockets..

From: Guersel Demircali
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2014 10:38 AM
To: Emil Somekh
Subject: Re: iMachining Success at important Aircraft parts company


Hi Emil,

Yesterday I was at a Company who cut only Aerospace Aircraft parts: Aircraft Phillip

They have more than 25 special CNC machines for milling. Nearly every machine is especially designed for this company.

Aircraft Phillips use a competitor CAM for milling their parts.

I show them iMachining live on their machine.

We cut one big Titanium part and the result was really good.

At the end of the presentation, they consider buying iMachining and want to get a price from a salesman the next day.

So I told them:

  •  You do not have to wait because I can give you the price
  • To buy only iMachining is a big advantage but SolidCAM with 2.5D Milling,  iMachining 2D and 3D is a big Weapon for all situations.

I calculate the price of all these modules and I closed the deal with them.

Aircraft Phillip have a slogan : Inside every flight you see minimum one part from us.

They make parts for Civilian aircraft, Military Aircraft and Space Rockets: Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, Dornier, Fokker.. Eurocopter, Eurofighter, Phantom, Tornado..Ariane rocket.

So in the future inside every flight we have parts programmed by SolidCAM & iMachining.

The last 3 presentations of SolidCAM which I did, I closed the deal directly after the presentation.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Best regards

Gürsel Demircali, Technik

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